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Sign up for a FREE retirement planning workshop near you. Are you retirement ready? Our workshops get rave reviews Socialize Get your •nances in order Plan ahead! Leaving the workforce means leaving a part of your social circle behind. So get out there and stay sharp! Think beyond savings and annuities. Insurance coverage, the relative benets of renting or owning, income tax, the need (or desire) to work part time… Today's good decisions pave the way for tomorrow's small victories. "My husband and I have been retired for two weeks and loving this new stage in life. We appreciate the information and guidance we receive through RTO/ERO." — Jo-Ann Saving for retirement is a journey. It's never too early to start or too late to course correct. RTO/ERO has a wealth of resources to help you get planning. Studies show that socially active retirees are not only happier, they're healthier – both mentally and physically. 1 Only 1 in 10 Canadians has a detailed retirement plan. 3 rto-ero.org/retirement-planning 1 Parker-Pope, Tara. "Socializing Appears to Delay Memory Problems." The New York Times. June 04, 2008. https://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/06/04/ socializing-appears-to-delay-memory-problems/. 2 "Are RRSPs Still the Way to Go? Many Canadians Aren't Sure and Don't Seek Advice: CIBC Poll." CIBC Media Centre. http://cibc.mediaroom.com/2018-01- 25-Are-RRSPs-still-the-way-to-go-Many-Canadians-arent-sure-and-dont-seek-advice-CIBC-poll. 3 Chevreau, Jonathan. "The magic number for retirement savings is $756,000, according to poll of Canadians." Financial Post. https://business.nancialpost. com/personal-nance/the-magic-number-for-retirement-savings-is-756000-according-to-poll-of-canadians $750,000 $184,000 is the average amount in personal savings they think they'll need for retirement. is the average amount Canadians have saved for retirement. 2 "RTO/ERO provides a wealth of nancial information to ensure that we are able to access pensions available from all levels of government and helps with planning everything from daily budgets to once-in-a-lifetime travel." — Gordon "I attended a few RTO/ERO retirement planning seminars before I retired, and I knew that being part of this organization was the right thing to do. I've told all my former colleagues to sign up when it's their turn to retire!" — Carolyn Here are some thoughts and tips to get you started…

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