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42 Professionally Speaking | September 2018 For additional reviews of French-language resources, visit pourparlerprofession.oeeo.ca. With the exception of some classroom sets, items reviewed are available on loan from the Margaret Wilson Library at the College. Contact Olivia Hamilton at 416-961-8800 (toll-free in Ontario 1-888-534-2222), ext. 679 or email library@oct.ca. reviews Your guide to recently released books and other teaching resources. Keep Growing: How to encourage students to persevere, overcome setbacks and develop a growth mindset, Pembroke Publishers, Markham, Ont., 2017, softcover, ISBN 978-1-55138-320-0, 128 pages, $24.95, pembrokepublishers.com Keep Growing BY JOEY MANDEL What kind of magic makes students want to take respons- ibility for their own learning and growth? How can teachers help them eliminate any precon- ceived notions of what they are or aren't capable of doing? How can we prevent students from undermining themselves, both socially and academically? In Keep Growing, Mandel explores changing the way we teach students to approach problems. Research shows that by teaching children to embrace their mistakes, we teach them to push through the tough stuff, even when it becomes really challenging. Without making mistakes, children cannot learn. This book offers teachers detailed lessons and questions to pose to students, encouraging them to reflect on how problems can be approached and solved. By clearly demonstrating key learning skills that can be integrated across all subject areas, students can learn how to cultivate responsibility, independ- ence, self-regulation, perspective, initiative and resilience. An added feature of Keep Growing is a section on the home-school connection, which encourages teachers to write regular newsletters to parents and caregivers, showing them how to promote a positive approach to learning. With support both at home and school, students can learn what to do when they encounter setbacks and make changes accordingly. This is an important lesson for all of us and a timely resource for the elementary panel. Sarah Frost Hunter, OCT, is the Section 123 teacher at Kindree Public School with the Peel District School Board. Pushing the Limits: How Schools Can Prepare Our Children Today for the Challenges of Tomorrow, Doubleday Canada, a division of Penguin Random House Canada Limited, 2017, hardcover, ISBN 978-0-385-68538-2, 272 pages, $32.95, penguinrandomhouse.ca Pushing the Limits BY KELLY GALLAGHER-MACKAY AND NANCY STEINHAUER The world never stands still. And the world of technology even less so. Given that reality, how can we prepare our students for a future that is unknown? By teaching our students to develop a growth mindset that includes asking probing questions, leveraging digital tools for their purposes and solving problems, it will help them adapt to a changing world. Pushing the Limits is a book about extraordinary Canadian schools that are already pushing the limits by nurturing innovators and helping create adept problem-solvers who will be the citizens of tomorrow. By showing educators a glimpse of what schools might look like in a rapidly changing world, it documents learning environments where students are encouraged to take risks, make mistakes and learn to accommodate transform- ation. Each chapter chronicles specific changes made by individual Canadian schools that have pushed their own limits. More importantly, each chapter also sug- gests actionable plans for principals and teachers to follow in their own schools. From helping students develop their global competencies, to making changes in math class, to modifying how parents and teachers interact, the authors have painted a clear picture of what can be done. The book is sure to inspire and motivate anyone who is interested in engaging, challenging and preparing future-ready students. Kerry Zinkiewich, OCT, is vice-principal at Clarington Central with the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board.

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