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6 Professionally Speaking September 2019 The College is the self-regulating professional body for Ontario teachers. Membership is open to anyone qualified to teach in the province and required to maintain an Ontario teaching certificate. The College is trusted to regulate the teaching profession by setting standards of practice and accrediting teacher education programs. The College also sets the requirements for entry into the profession, investigates complaints involving members and takes appropriate disciplinary action. CHAIR Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT VICE-CHAIR Tim Gernstein, OCT MEMBERS Charles Dimitry Abraham, OCT; Diane Ballantyne, OCT; Paige Bennett, OCT; Bob Cooper, OCT; Chantal Côté, OCT; Irene Dembek, OCT; Elizabeth Edgar-Webkamigad, OCT; Susan Elliott-Johns, OCT; Dr. Richard Filion; Rebecca Forte, OCT; Melissa Gaffen, OCT; Erin Glen, OCT; Mary Ellen Gucciardi, OCT; John Hamilton, OCT; Godwin Ifedi; Jacqueline Karsemeyer, OCT; Colleen Landers; Marlène Marwah; Michelle Miner-Seal; Mary-Anne Mouawad, OCT; Sara Nouini, OCT; Alicia Nunn, OCT; Gerry O'Reilly, OCT; Tom Potter; Nicola Powadiuk, OCT; Vincent Rinaldo, OCT; Jonathan Rose; Nancy Saunders, OCT; Stéphane Vallée, OCT; Stephen Zimmermann, OCT CEO & REGISTRAR Michael Salvatori, OCT DEPUT Y REGISTRAR Joe Jamieson, OCT DIRECTORS Chantal Bélisle, OCT, Investigations and Hearings Roch Gallien, OCT, Standards of Practice and Accreditation Richard Lewko, Corporate and Council Services Linda Zaks-Walker, OCT, Membership Services College Council EXPAND YOUR QUALIFICATIONS OCT accredited • Ontario-based and online programs • Competitive Fees 905.294.7260 • www.niagara.edu/ontario SCHEDULE A COURSES ABQ — Primary, Junior and Intermediate divisions SCHEDULE C COURSES (one session courses) Adapting Curriculum for the Catholic School System Teaching in the Catholic System Mathematics 7 and 8 Student Assessment and Evaluation Use and Knowledge of Assistive Technology Teaching Students with Communication Needs/Autism Spectrum Disorders SCHEDULE D COURSES PART ONE, PART TWO AND SPECIALIST: Teaching English Language Learners French as a Second Language Guidance and Career Education Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction Teacher Librarian Kindergarten Mathematics Primary/Junior Reading Special Education PRINCIPAL'S QUALIFICATIONS COURSES: PQP 1 and 2 FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT AQ COURSES GO TO WWW.NIAGARA.EDU/AQ-COURSES For more information, call 905.294.7260 or visit us online at www.niagara.edu/ontario. MASTER OF SCIENCE IN EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP • Exceptional preparation for emerging leadership opportunities. • M.S.Ed. is designed for candidates who aspire to lead educational programs in both the private and/or public settings. • This 12 course program provides foundational content in subject specific areas, research skills, leadership and change theories all with a 300 hour internship. • Equivalency courses for completion of PQP Part 1 and Part 2. Also offering: BACHELOR DEGREE IN TEACHER EDUCATION IN ONTARIO • Two year program offered in the GTA.

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