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40 Professionally Speaking March 2020 Borrow a copy of any of the books reviewed in Professionally Speaking by connecting with the Margaret Wilson Library. Email library@oct.ca, access your College account via oct.ca, use the OCT Membership App, or call 416-961-8800 (toll-free in Ontario 1-888-534-2222), ext. 679. For reviews of French-language resources, visit pourparlerprofession.oeeo.ca. REVIEWS | TEACHER RESOURCES Your guide to recently released books and other teaching resources. Making Sense of Number, K–10: Getting to know your students so you can support the development of their mathematical understanding, Pembroke Publishers, Markham, Ont., 2018, softcover, ISBN 978-1-55138-332-3, 140 pages, $24.95, pembrokepublishers.com Powerful Understanding: Helping students explore, question, and transform their thinking about themselves and the world around them, Pembroke Publishers, Markham, Ont., 2018, softcover, ISBN 978-1-55138-328-6, 176 pages, $24.95, pembrokepublishers.com` Making Sense of Number, K–10 BY MARY FIORE AND RYAN TACKABERRY This book is about ongoing reflection, both for teachers as they think about their own skills and for their students as they figure out the underpinnings of math. The book guides teachers in structuring learning around key concepts — quantity, counting, relating and representing; all developed across the various strands — patterning and algebra, numbers and operations, measurement, geometry, and data and probability for Grades K–10. Each chapter has a similar layout, structured for ease of use. The book includes everything needed to generate effective lesson plans, including the big ideas, classroom vignettes, making sense of concepts, prompts to guide thinking, and assessing when student understanding kicks into place. One important part of the book is a short discussion about prior attitudes, particularly the attitudes of parents toward mathematics. If parents believe math is primarily formulas and calcula- tions for example, they will need opportunities to see the broader value of math and its applications to new contexts. Early in the year, the authors suggest, it's helpful to provide parents with lots of math support. Strengthening the parent-child bond has a profound impact on learning, especially in mathematics, where grasping the abstract concepts of numerical thinking often require reinforcement at home. Mary Veronica Moloney, OCT, teaches Grade 3/4 at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School in Toronto. Powerful Understanding BY ADRIENNE GEAR Albert Einstein once said that the goal of education is not necessarily to learn facts but to train the mind to think. This book directly addresses the thinking piece, that most critical component of an effective education. These are challenging times, when much is expected of the educational system. In response, many school systems around the world are integrat- ing political, social, emotional and ethical learning into everyday class- room curricula. Powerful Understanding shows teachers how to connect the dots for students to deepen understanding and interact with the world around them as they construct meaning. As the author of the transformative Reading Power, Adrienne Gear has always sought to expand awareness and to sharpen critical thinking beyond the confines of the classroom. This book takes it a few steps further by including both teachers and students in a more profound learning process that not only helps students become more reflective learners but shows us, as teachers, how to develop and reflect on our own understanding of the content we teach. The resource is designed as a guide for teachers of all grades and is packed with practical classroom lessons, exemplars, photocopy-ready pages and a number of book lists. Full of great ideas and solid philosophy, Powerful Understanding is a worth- while resource for engaging all those curious learners in our classrooms. Janet Coreau, OCT, is executive director of a leadership and family camp near Oawa.

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