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51 COLLEGE NEWS March 2020 Professionally Speaking She has also worked with commun- ity-based projects in support of women's rights and youth activism. During her teaching practicum, Ahmed was recognized as someone who models inclusive, respectful behaviour, staying calm and open-minded even in situations of high stress and conflict. Ahmed spent her early years in Pakistan and remembers one influen- tial elementary school teacher in particular, who always encouraged students, gave them opportunities to practise new skills and celebrated their achievements. She has received numerous awards and scholarships for her efforts in support of peace and social justice, including the Combating Hate, Advancing Inclusion award from the Michaëlle Jean Foundation, in Ottawa. ONTARIO COLLEGE OF TEACHERS SCHOLARSHIP — INTERMEDIATE/ SENIOR RECIPIENT: Jordan Cascagnette, teacher candi- date in the consecutive education program at Nipissing University. As an accomplished cross-country skier, Jordan Cascagnette has a deep understanding of the value of hard work, commitment to goals and teamwork — all of which will help him in his future teaching career. As he transitioned from the role of athlete to coach, guiding skiers aged 10 to 20, he discovered the importance of understanding each person's unique perspective. During his teacher educa- tion program, he came to understand this idea even more deeply as he learned about differentiated learning and the classroom practices that support it. Cascagnette has a reputation for being patient, personable, caring and hard-working. As well, his research and statistics instructor at Nipissing University was impressed with his strong analytical and critical-writing skills and his ability to communicate his thoughts effectively. Cascagnette fondly remembers his high school history teacher who would use stories from his own past to help facilitate learning. "He capitalized on many students' interest in travel by relating the course content to various adventures he'd had while travelling around the world," he recalls. For his dedication and commitment to excellence, Cascagnette has received many awards over the years, including an Al Carfagnini Male Athlete of the Year distinction and the Dave Marshall Leadership Award, both from Nipissing University. PS Council Meetings At its meeting on December 5–6, 2019, College Council: • welcomed new Council members Dr. Richard Filion (appointed), Jennifer Wyatt (Private School category, elected position), Tim Kwiatkowski (English-Language Roman Catholic Board — Elementary, elected position); • received a quarterly report from the Registrar, including information about the College's participation in the development of a national language assessment test, which would be used by all provinces when an inter- nationally educated person applies for certification; • received a quarterly report from the Chair of Council; • approved a Council Policy and Framework for Cyclical Policy Reviews; • approved the College's 2020 operating budget of $42,602,880; • recommended policy direction to the Minister of Educa- tion to help develop a Council regulation to support the administration of the therapy and counselling funding program for students who have been sexually abused or involved in child pornography while under the supervision or responsibility of an Ontario Certified Teacher; • recognized Ontario College of Teachers Scholarship Program recipients Mia Kakebeeke, a teacher candidate in the consecutive education program at the University of Ottawa, as recipient of the Joseph W. Atkinson Scholar- ship for Excellence in Teacher Education award; Fatima Ahmed, a teacher candidate in the consecutive educa- tion program at Lakehead University, as recipient of the Ontario College of Teachers Scholarship — Primary/Junior or Junior/Intermediate award; and Jordan Cascagnette, a teacher candidate in the con- secutive program at Nipissing University, as recipient of the Ontario College of Teachers Scholarship — Inter- mediate/Senior award; • recommended that the Minister of Education amend the Teachers' Qualifications Regulation to permit inter- national applicants whose certificates have expired after two years because they did not providing evidence of completing the Math Proficiency Test, to reapply within the regulation's original five-year time frame; • recommended that the Registrar study and report back to Council at its next meeting how information regarding the role and mandate of the Ontario College of Teachers can be provided to all public and private school parents/ guardians at the start of each school year or when students register mid-year; • referred a motion to the Registrar for further study and to report at the next meeting that Council recommends to the Minister of Education that the Education Act be amended to require membership with the Ontario College of Teachers for all teachers of private schools as a condition of the annual notice of intention to operate; and • directed the Finance Committee to produce a report on the strengths and weaknesses of yearly membership fee increases and report at the March Council meeting. At a Special Meeting of Council on December 6, 2019, College Council: • amended College bylaws to reflect a member fee for 2020 of $170. PS

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