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egulators working together A Q&A with College CEO and Registrar Michael Salvatori, OCT, and Sue Corke, Registrar, College of Early Childhood Educators. Q: The College has standards of practice and ethical standards that govern members of the profession. Are early childhood educators (ECEs) governed by similar standards? A: ECEs are regulated by the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE), a self-regulatory body established through the Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007. The CECE's Standards of Practice are remarkably similar to those of the College. Both organizations emphasize a primary commitment to students. The CECE Standards of Practice express this in terms of consideration of children's needs, support of learning styles, and applying early childhood education knowledge and theory in professional practice. Similarly, both colleges have standards regarding the importance of ongoing professional learning, professional knowledge, practice and competence and collaboration with colleagues and members of the broader community. It is this common commitment to students and their learning that brings together teachers and early childhood educators in the full-day kindergarten class, and that strengthens their collaborative relationship. Q: In what ways can the College as a regulator support teachers around the collaborative relationship within the full-day kindergarten (FDK) team? A: The College supports teacher-ECE collaboration in a variety of ways including providing professional advice on maintaining safe learning environments for students and through the availability of AQ courses. For example, the College issued a professional advisory on April 4, 2013, entitled Safety in Learning Environments: A Shared Responsibility (oct.ca/resources/ advisories/safety) to clarify and inform educators' professional judgment and practice related to the safety of students. The College has developed the guidelines for a three-part AQ course Kindergarten, Part 1, 2 and Specialist designed to enhance professional practice, and extend knowledge and skills in the delivery of kindergarten courses. All of the College's AQs are available through providers in different parts of the province. Special Offer for Ontario Teachers Q: Collaboration between the teachers and ECEs in the FDK classroom is essential. Is there this same kind of collaboration between the College of Early Childhood Educators and the Ontario College of Teachers? A: As the CECE was being established the College shared many resources and documents to assist with the CECE's development. The CECE has also shared documents and resource materials with the College, including information about its Leadership pilot project, which will focus on building leadership capacity in the profession. CECE registrar, Sue Corke, has addressed the College Council and, likewise, I have addressed the CECE's Council and will attend the CECE's symposium this fall. The two colleges have also worked co-operatively on communications designed to enhance understanding and professional collaboration between teachers and ECEs in FDK classrooms. PS The War Amps presents The Canadian Army Newsreels This six-DVD set contains 106 newsreels filmed and produced by The Canadian Army Film Unit. from ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ $20/month* 250 Daytime Minutes billed by the second UNLIMITED Local Early Nights and Weekends (6PM) UNLIMITED Local Incoming Calls UNLIMITED National text messaging* UNLIMITED TELUS to TELUS Optional 5GB Data Plan add on for $30 more $50 Plan Including 5GB also Available! 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