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19 September 2016 | Professionally Speaking I N Y O U R C L A S S R O O M c o n n e c t i o n s your moBile colleGe is noW availaBle on YOUR TABLET! powers of minus ten Take students deep inside the building blocks of the body with an up-close and detailed look at the human hand. Designed for ages 12 and up, this colourful journey zooms in on cells, molecules and proteins, while uncovering a mesmerizing landscape of chromosomes and cytoplasm beneath the skin. Simple descriptions of crucial com- ponents and biological processes such as mitosis (the division of the cell nucleus), transcription (when a segment of DNA is copied into RNA) and translation (when ribosomes create proteins) make this in-depth palm reader informative as well as fun. Bonus: take advantage of the sample lesson plan. device: Apple; Android source: iTunes ($2.79); Google Play ($1.98) ratinG: 4+; Unrated edululu ratinG: 4.5/5 solve the cube Are you ready to finally conquer that iconic Rubik's Cube? This particular how-to app breaks down the solution into written and illustrated steps that will help you and students aged 9+ claim a victory over either a real or virtual version of that classic 3D puzzle. The app's developer suggests that the final instructions are simpler than those of other Rubik gurus. Cube play helps students to improve their spatial reason- ing, which is important for subjects like geometry. You'll want to take note that the app is called Solve the Cube 3D for English iOS users, and simply Solve the Cube for the French iOS version, as well as Android. device: Apple; Android source: iTunes; Google Play (free) ratinG: 4+; Everyone edululu ratinG: 4/5 toothsavers Brushing need not be boring! Teach children the import- ance of good oral hygiene, a component of Ontario's healthy-living curriculum for Grades 2 and 3. This exciting and engaging game begins with a storybook scenario — an evil sorceress has cast a wicked spell, leaving everyone's mouth with cavities. It's up to the player to stop the decay by swiping his or her finger across each character's teeth, virtually sweeping away nasty bacteria and food particles. Another feature shows two-minute demonstrations of optimal brushing techniques for students to model. There's a map that charts how often players visit this toothy terrain. device: Apple; Android source: iTunes; Google Play (free) ratinG: 4+; Everyone edululu ratinG: 4.5/5 By Stefan Dubowski apps analysis EduLulu is part of Groupe Média TFO, a world leader in education. The online guide's evaluations are the work of teams of independent experts (including OCTs), who review up to 100 English, French and bilingual educational apps (iOS and Android) each month for ages 2 to 17. To access the complete list and search by filter, visit edululu.org/en. Interested in becoming an EduLulu evaluator? Go to oct-oeeo.ca/1NzwdJd to learn how to get involved.

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