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G r e at t e a c h i n G 23 September 2016 | Professionally Speaking photos: matthew liteplo To view our Great Teaching video archive, visit oct-oeeo.ca/1Kwel5r Breanna Myles, OCT, explores world issues and encourages global awareness in her Grade 7/8 geo-literacy classroom. BY trish snYder I t's a brisk spring morning in Lion's Head, Ont., and roughly two dozen students are raising their eyebrows in amazement over their teacher's request. Breanna Myles, OCT, has instructed her Grade 7/ 8 class at Bruce Peninsula District School (part of the Bluewater District School Board) to write their names on scraps of paper, then crumple them up. "When I call your name, please stand and try to throw your piece into this bin," she says, pausing to let the excitement build up, then simmer down. "Here's the catch — you only get one shot and you can't move away from your desk." One by one, the students let 'em f ly. A girl sinks hers and triumphantly raises her hands. Another overshoots; two more fall short, followed by a boy at the back who twirls, launches and misses. A girl on the far side of the room leans forward to get a better shot, then squirms with frustration after her wad lands on the floor. "I can't even see the bin!" she complains. Myles asks the 11 students who hit the target to remain standing while the 14 others take their seats. "Can anyone tell me what we just saw?" "That we have better basketball skills," jokes one boy. "That depending on where you are in relation to the bin, it makes it easier," suggests one girl. "The people at the front of the class have a better chance because they're closer." "Yes!" says Myles, deftly steering the discussion toward the book they've been reading, Chelsea Clinton's It's Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going. "Remember we talked last time about health care around the world? Let's imagine this: if you're standing up, you have access to vaccines, doctors and hospitals. If you're sitting, sorry, you don't. Is it fair that some have a better chance simply because of where they're born? " While a volunteer cleans up the paper littering the floor, Myles lets this idea sink in — that geography can influence your future. orizons e x p a n d i n G H

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