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R E M A R K A B L E T E ACH E R 31 September 2017 | Professionally Speaking PHOTO: ROBERTO CARUSO, LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER, ROGERS MEDIA H ow well do you remember high school? Tracy Moore thought she had a clear picture of her teenage years until a reunion with her all-time favourite teacher taught her otherwise. "I thought I was this perfect little prudish kid," laughs the TV personality, "I guess not." The host of Cityline — Canada's longest running lifestyle show — had the opportunity to visit Anne Houlding last year for a back-to-school special. "I wanted to tell Miss Houlding how much she meant to me," says Moore. "How much she helped direct my career at that really young age." Among the memories shared was one that Houlding told of Moore's final day at Langstaff Secondary School in Richmond Hill, Ont. "I was responsible for doing the announcements that day; every so often they would get the students to help out," Moore explains. "During my time at the mic, I did my announcements and then played what Miss Houlding called a very edgy, off-colour song over the PA system." The reaction was immediate and the office was livid. But before Moore realized that there was even an issue — there was Houlding, by her side. The now-retired teacher recalls the unravelling controversy vividly: "I had encouraged Tracy to volunteer as the PA announcer; it was a big job in the school. So when they descended on her in the office, of course I rushed down to defend her." Although Moore was a diligent student who always did her homework and loved school, she would have also described herself as a little self-possessed and a bit edgy. "I had a lot of opinions and wasn't afraid to speak out." Right on Cue Cityline host Tracy Moore speaks candidly about the English teacher who came into her life at just the right time and changed the course of it soon after. BY BILL HARRIS

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