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21 December 2017 | Professionally Speaking T O O L S O F T H E T R A D E C O N N E C T I O N S ILLUSTRATION: GRACIA LAM/THE LOUD CLOUD ➊ Centre for Addiction and Mental Health free! The world-renowned institution has dedicated a section of its website for teachers and schools, with links to resources including programs on reducing stigma and preventing use and abuse of alcohol, cannabis and tobacco by youth. Visit: oct-oeeo.ca/CAMHtools ➋ mytoolkit.ca free! Access teaching modules on wellness, substance abuse and stress, each with a step-by-step facilitator guide. There is also an app that encourages teens to identify and track their emo- tions, as well as a lesson plan to help express difficult feelings. Visit: mytoolkit.ca ➌ Mindfulness Everyday free to $375 + This charitable organization offers classroom meditation podcasts, plus a host of professional development resources on mindfulness including app and book recommendations, a white paper, customized workshops, courses and retreats. Visit: mindfulnesseveryday.org ➍ Mindfulness Without Borders free to $645 Distractions! They're everywhere. Luckily, a daily mindful- ness practice can help filter them out so that you can focus and truly engage. This site offers online and in-person courses, designed for teachers. Visit: mindfulnesswithoutborders.org ➎ Rethink Digital Toolkit $21 to $875 Created by Mindfulness Without Borders, this kit has activities to assist students with regulating emotions, managing stress, bouncing back from adversity and developing healthy relation- ships. Five free lessons are available prior to committing. Visit: rethinkdigitalkit.com ➏ School Mental Health ASSIST free! Pinpoint who to talk to on your board's mental health leadership team, via a directory on the site's contact page. Plus: find a suicide prevention framework and information on helping students develop resiliency and handle anxiety. Visit: smh-assist.ca ➐ Supporting Minds free! Can you spot gambling issues or substance abuse? The Ministry's Supporting Minds: An Educator's Guide to Promoting Students' Mental Health and Well-being offers sug- gestions on how to talk openly to students about these subjects. Visit: oct-oeeo.ca/SupportingMinds ➑ Teaching Tools by Ophea free! Do your students know the difference between prescription and non-prescription drugs? Ophea (Ontario Physical Health Education Association) lesson plans cover mental health and wellness topics, with instructions and printable activity cards. Visit: teachingtools.ophea.net *If you suspect a student is struggling with mental health issues, be sure to consult your administrator to determine how best to provide support. BY MELISSA CAMPEAU As a teacher, you're in a unique position to help support* students' mental health and well-being. Whether you're asking questions, sharing information or nurturing a positive space for learning — these resources offer building blocks for doing so in a mindful manner.

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