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110 Professionally Speaking | March 2018 G O V E R N I N G O U R S E LV E S COUNCIL MEETINGS NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS COLLEGE NEWS • received a delegation from Ontario Teachers' Federation's president Chris Cowley regarding the College's 2018 budget and annual membership fees; • received a presentation from Bill Steer, OCT, seeking Council representation for Ontario Certifi ed Teachers work- ing in NGOs and industry; • received a quarterly report on oper- ations from the Registrar; • received a quarterly report from the Chair of Council; • approved a 2018 College budget of $44,462,838, including an unchanged annual membership fee of $150. To off- set budget pressures, the College would draw $2.6 million from its reserves; • endorsed a process to renew the College's strategic priorities; • amended College bylaws to complement regulatory changes so that member profi les on the public register refl ect any certifi cate, diploma or advanced diplo- mas granted to applicants at the time of certifi cation related to their techno- logical education qualifi cations, and any acceptable work experience and compe- tence demonstrated by the applicant at the time of certifi cation related to their technological education qualifi cations; • amended College bylaws to allow dif- ferent or former member names on the College register in the interests of per- sonal safety and gender consistency; • amended its procedures regarding debate to enable the mover of a motion to speak fi rst in debate for up to fi ve minutes; and • moved the June meeting of Council to June 7– 8, 2018. PS AT ITS MEETING DECEMBER 7, 2017, COLLEGE COUNCIL: To support its ongoing commitment to diversity, the College recently updated the online application form and members' area to include a third gender-identifi cation option. As well as providing members with the ability to self-identify, standard corres- pondence will refl ect, wherever possible, gender-neutral language. This initiative supports the College's ongoing commitment to inclusivity and respect when communi- cating with applicants, College members and the public. PS COLLEGE ADVANCES DIVERSITY WITH NEW POLICY Marlène Marwah The College Council welcomes new Council member Marlène Marwah, who was appointed in November 2017 for a three-year term. Marwah has dedicated her career to advancing the French language at post-secondary levels, govern- ment and various corporations in Ontario. She has been a French-language instruct- or for more than 20 years at a number of institutions including the University of Toronto, the Alliance Française, both the federal (Superior Court judges) and provincial governments, as well as the Law Society of Ontario. Some of her students have included Karen Kain, Gerard Kennedy, Kelly Burke, assistant deputy minister for francophone affairs, and Eric Hoskins, minister of Children and Youth Services (now minister of Health and Long-Term Care). Prior to becoming a private instructor, Marwah was a profes- sional translator, completing various texts for clients including the University of Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum and North American Life Assurance Company. She holds a master of arts (linguistics) from the University of Toronto, a Certifi cat d'enseignement du français langue seconde from George Brown College, and a bachelor of arts from the University of Toronto. Michelle Miner-Seal The College Council welcomes new Council member Michelle Miner-Seal, who was appoint- ed in November 2017 for a three-year term. Miner-Seal is a Certifi ed Human Resources Executive (CHRE) and an accredited mediator through Mediators without Borders. Fluent in French, Miner-Seal is a skilled exec- utive with over 25 years of experience directing human resources and labour relations. She is also a negotiator, investigator, interviewer and published writer. Miner-Seal has worked with various federal government departments and agencies, Crown corporations, provincial health-care agencies, the public sector and not-for-profi t organizations. She has served on the board of directors of the United Way of Ottawa and the Human Resources Professionals Association. Miner-Seal holds a Master of Industrial Relations degree from Queen's University. PS The College has implemented a new policy to adopt gender- inclusive language across the organization. F I N A L E X A M 116 Professionally Speaking | March 2018 R E T I R EM E N T R E T I RE M E N T RELAX! You've earned it. Learn more about retirement planning rto-ero.org/retirement-planning Your road to Since 1968 Depuis 1968 @rto_ero @rto.ero Attend one of RTO/ERO's Retirement Planning Workshops rto-ero.org/ rpw-schedule-list 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS 5-15 YEARS before you retire Connect with your fi nancial planner and look into your pension. Consider your insurance needs: rto-ero.org/ group-insurance-plans 6 MONTHS 6 MONTHS before you retire Begin your transition into retirement. Connect with retired colleagues and join RTO/ERO. 1-5 YEARS 1-5 YEARS 1-5 YEARS 1-5 YEARS 1-5 YEARS before you retire Apply for RTO/ERO membership and group insurance. 60 DAYS 60 DAYS before you retire Describe yourself in elementary school. Creative. Hard working. Bookworm. Describe yourself in high school. Rebel. Leader. Director. What was your favourite subject? Creative writing. Favourite literary pieces studied? Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith and a biography of the ballerina Anna Pavlova. Who is your favourite fi ctional teacher? Mark Thackeray (portrayed by Sidney Poitier) in To Sir With Love. Favourite historical fi gures? Anne Frank. Who is your favourite fi ctional hero? Peter Pan. Which subject do you wish you had paid more attention to? Math. What did you excel at in school? Doing my own thing. PHOTO: KATHERINE HOLLAND What did you struggle with? Authority. As a student, what career path did you dream of following? Acting. What natural gift did you wish to possess during your school days? I wish I had the talent to be a great actor. What do you wish you had been taught in school but weren't? Business. Quality you most appreciated in a teacher? Being empathetic and entertaining. Favourite way to spend recess? Practising my lines or reading a book. Favourite school lunch? Going to Famous Delly Boys with my sister for a burger, fries and a cherry cola. Favourite extracurricular activity? Drama and writing Erica's Teen Scene weekly column for the local newspaper. Most embarrassing moment at school? When someone put a dead fi sh in my locker. Lesson learned in kindergarten that still applies today? Fight the bullies. Fondest school-related memory? Directing the school play. Strongest memory from your graduation day? The big party at my house after gradua- tion that the entire grade attended. If you could pick any time to attend school in, which would you choose? I would go back to the simplicity of Little House on the Prairie. If you could create a new course, which would you choose? Success: How to get what you want in life. Best advice given at school? My university professor told me I wasn't cut out for school — and that I should pursue my passion. PS IMPRESSIVE EHM Erica Ehm — parent, blogger and former MuchMusic VJ — discusses Anna Pavlova, Peter Pan and pursing her passion. BY LAURA BICKLE NAME: Erica Ehm • Born Erica Miechowsky, in Montréal • Attended Westminster Public School (Grades 1–6) and Wentworth Public School (Grades 7–8) in Montréal, and Hudson High School in Hudson, Que. • Studied theatre and English at Marianopolis College in Montréal • Graduated with a BA from the University of Ottawa in 1982 • Started working at MuchMusic in 1982, becoming a video jockey from 1985–94, when she left to pursue her songwriting career • Her songs have been recorded by Van Morrison, country singers Cassandra Vasik and Tim Thorney, as well as actor Tom Jackson • Received three Canadian Country Music Association Awards and three SOCAN Awards • Wrote She Should Talk: Conversations with Exceptional Young Women about Life, Dreams and Success in 1994, and co-authored the children's book The Mischievous Mom at the Art Gallery in 2010 • Launched and hosted TV show Yummy Mummy in 2003 on the Life Network and Discovery Health • Created the award-winning yummymummyclub.ca (now YMC.ca) in 2006, the largest independently owned online property for moms in Canada • Wrote three family-friendly stage musicals: Caillou's Big Party, The Big Comfy Couch and Caillou's Big Book Club • CEO of digital publisher & marketing fi rm Ehm & Co • Lives in Toronto with her husband and two teenagers 13 letters to the editor Professionally Speaking welcomes letters and articles on topics of interest to teachers. We reserve the right to edit letters for length and to conform to our publication style. To be considered for publication, letters must provide the writer's daytime phone number and registration number. Address letters to: The Editor, Professionally Speaking at ps@oct.ca or 101 Bloor St. W., Toronto, ON M5S 0A1. June 2018 | Professionally Speaking Chirp, chickaDEE, and OWL are content-rich magazines that apply a fun, interactive approach to social studies, math, science, history, geography, and the environment. Teachers' Package Program benefi ts include: FREE classroom magazine. BEST subscription prices for students. FREE classroom resources. SAVE 40% OFF Owlkids Books. Packages mail at the end of August 2018 Packages mail at the end of August 2018 Limited Quantity Reserve your package TODAY! Request your Teachers' Package at Owlkids.com/back-to-school FALL 2018 Classroom Use Each issue is loaded with material that is great for inquiry-based learning, story starters, discussion groups, opinion writing, and much more. Great for all kids, the magazine format is ideal for students with high interest/low reading levels. FALL 2018 OWLKIDS TEACHERS' PACKAGE Ages 3-6 Ages 6-9 Ages 9-13 Ata Teachers ad_2018_color.indd 1 18-02-26 11:47 Story placement concern On page 110 of the March issue there is a story entitled "College Advances Diversity With New Policy." I'm not sure what to make of the placement of this piece. On the one hand, this policy about using gender-inclusive language across the organization is extremely important and on the cutting edge of organizations that endeavour to be fully inclusive. It's something to be celebrated! On the other hand, I wonder if placement of this avant-garde policy is buried on page 110 for a reason. Perhaps the College sees this [initiative] in keeping with all they've been doing in the area of inclusivity, so it no longer needs the spotlight. Or, am I missing something? —Kevin Welbes, OCT, is an LGBTQ educator/speaker and retired co-ordinator of Catholic Safer School Training in Ontario for Egale Canada and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association. Editor's response: The Governing Ourselves section of the magazine, which can be found at the back, is where we publish information and news items pertaining to College initiatives and other College-related news. Better due diligence needed It was with great surprise that I found myself reading a Q&A with Erica Ehm in the March issue. As a child of the music video generation, I grew up watching Ms. Ehm on MuchMusic. I looked forward to seeing her on TV and always admired her. That changed in 2015 when I came across an article at- tacking teachers written by Ms. Ehm during the work-to-rule campaign — a particularly difficult period of negotiations between the province and the teachers of Ontario. Ms. Ehm made her views about teachers' actions quite clear. While she is entitled to her opinions, her public and malicious attack on teachers a mere three years ago makes her the last person I want to hear from in a teacher magazine that I help fund through my annual fees. I find it unacceptable to see her comments within the pages of Professionally Speaking. I would appreciate it if the College would kindly be more circumspect in its choice of interviewees in future issues. —Jennifer Sequeira, OCT, teaches Grade 8 at St. Thomas More Separate School in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board.

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