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R E M A R K A B L E T E ACH E R 27 June 2018 | Professionally Speaking PHOTOS: MIKE FORD The Social's Lainey Lui recalls the English teacher who taught her the importance of presenting yourself with respect and having integrity. BY BILL HARRIS E laine "Lainey" Lui experienced a lot in Grade 7 — a new school, new teachers, new friends, new attitudes. As she tried to fit in, she went through several personalities, some of which were more commendable than others. "I had that year of being the new girl — shy and awkward — then transitioning into becoming popular and not very pleasant," recalls Lui. "I went through this gamut of identities. And Mrs. Grimsley had to be my English teacher through all of it." Caryl Grimsley proved to be an important constant in Lui's life during that transform- ative year at the Toronto French School (TFS). And even though they haven't been in contact since, Lui says she continues to be influenced by her memories of Mrs. Grimsley. "That's wonderful to hear, it means a lot," says Grimsley, who still teaches at TFS, which was recently rebranded as TFS — Canada's International School. "I don't think teachers realize the impact we can have. Even if we affect only one person, that's important, isn't it?" Lui is best known for her entertainment-based website (laineygossip.com), as well as be- ing a co-host on CTV's The Social and an etalk correspondent. But when she thinks back to her trials and tribulations at school, she expects many new Canadian families will recognize her path. Her parents immigrated from Hong Kong and her father eventually identified TFS as the school he wanted his daughter to attend; he worked three jobs to send her there. After passing the entry exam, Lui arrived to classmates who had already-established friendships. It was intimidating on many fronts. She recalls watching a student arrive in a Ferrari every day, while she asked her dad to stop around the corner in his Ford Fiesta. Although some adults maintain perfect memories of their long-ago school days, Lui acknowledges that she isn't one of those people. Generally, her recollections are spotty. But Mrs. Grimsley is the one teacher she remembers very clearly. Given Lui's subsequent career in which communication is of prime importance, it makes sense that she would have a natural connection to an English teacher. But beyond that, one of the words Lui uses to describe Grimsley is "cinematic," in the sense that it always seemed as if she had stepped right out of a movie.

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